Money in politics is perhaps the single biggest threat to democracy that is hurting both established and emerging democracies alike. Inadequately controlled flows of money are undermining the credibility of elections and the integrity of democratic institutions and processes across all regions of the world.

Taking its starting point in International IDEA’ global research projects on money in politics, including the world’s most comprehensive database on political finance laws, this panel discussed regional challenges and trends such as the commercialization of politics in Asia, the pernicious influence of drug money over politics in Latin America, the state dependency of political parties in Europe and the prevalence of clientelistic networks in Africa. This panel furthermore discussed global trends such as the lack of transparency surrounding party and campaign finances; the widespread lack of compliance and enforcement of existing political finance regulations; and the particular obstacles faced by women in raising and accessing funds necessary to compete in politics on an equal footing with men.

This panel was chaired by Massimo Tommasoli of International IDEA.

Presenters offered regional perspectives include: Daniela R. Piccio, Magnus Ohman, Kevin Casas-Zamora, Andreas Ufen and Susan Scarrow. The panel took stock of what we know and where the knowledge gaps lie on the subject of money in politics legislation and its implementation, on the global and regional levels. It also identified the next generation of research that is needed to better understand the discrepancies between formal rules and their implementation.

International IDEA also had a booth sharing its key publications and knowledge resources. Detailed information about workshops, panels, and exhibitions can be found on the official website of the 24th World Congress of Political Science.

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