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International IDEA's Political Finance Database is the world’s leading source of comparative information on political finance regulations and includes laws and regulations from 179 countries.

Political Finance and Media and Elections publications

For the past 15 years, we have published handbooks and manuals analyzing the growing role of money in politics. International IDEA’s latest standard work is Funding of Political Parties and Election Campaigns: A Handbook on Political Finance, which provides a global overview of political finance, in both theory and practice. Structured according to regions, the book analyses the challenges posed by money in politics and makes recommendations for reform. Read the thematic chapter that focuses on the interplay between gender and political finance and download the book free of charge.

Comparative infographics

There are no specific limits on anonymous donations to political parties or candidates in North America.

Asia produced USD in illicit financial flows between 2014-2013. More infographics

Money in Politics policy brief

Democracy is ultimately about popular control over decision-making and should, at least in theory, allow for a system in which citizens and electoral candidates participate in politics on fair and equal terms. As money gains influence in politics in young and old democracies alike, it is becoming increasingly clear that it is one of the main factors influencing both policymaking and election outcomes. More

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